Harrogate Spring Water

Harrogate – the original British Spa Town

The First Mineral Spring was discovered by Queen Elizabeth physician in 1571


“Water is the recommended drink option for Children, especially after physical activity and in hot weather. Water hydrates without providing unnecessary calories or harming teeth. Children are more susceptible to dehydration than adults as water accounts for a higher proprotion of their body weight. A study (2012) found that providing children with water at school significantly increased levels of cognition such as visual memory and performance.”

In short – your child’s reasoning, understanding, perception, reason, intellect, awareness, intuiton and perfomance will improve.

In short again – Water is good for you!!


Paul’s water of choice and current Sponsor of the England Cricket Team

Paul as a Sport Coach endorses the above findings and will always receommend water for all.

Freely Available:

Harrogate Water will be freely available at all Paul’s coaching sessions both indoors and outdoors.

If you wish you may donate 50p per half litre bottle to allow him to restock from his preferred supplier.

More Information :

Oakwood School HORLEY (2017):

Paul is laising with the school to endeavour for water to be the drink of choice for all year groups – starting with the current Year 7’s (Sept 2016) so by the time they are in GCSE mode in Year 11 – water will be their drink of choice.

Paul is also planning to deliver a number of cricket coaching sessions for their Surrey County Chanmpions in 2017 – watch this space.

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