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Back @ St Bedes School REDHILL Surrey - 10 weeks

It is becoming common knowledge that an hour of one to one coaching is as valuable as a few weeks of team trainings.

Having all energy focussed on your child* for an hour, with a coach who knows what they are talking about is invaluable.

Visually, you can see improvements happen in front of your eyes.

Financially, there is a cost associated. If this is a concern, perhaps to start, you could set aside enough for 5 sessions initially. Once you see the results, you’ll likely never look back.

*Paul Coaches All Ability – Junior to Adult to Professional – 1 to 1 – Group – Team – Squad

Encourage 1 to 1 Coaching

Professional Coaching

All Ability

Aptitude, Skill, Capability, Capacity, Facility, Talent, Gift, Knack, Power, Faculty, Proficiency, Competence

Junior to Adult

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Capel Cricket Surrey England

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